A Rude, A Prude, and an Unsolved Mystery

Unsolved Mysteries Episode Seven: Haunted General Wayne Inn / Murder of Gretchen Burford / Abduction of Annie Laurie Hearin

April 01, 2022 Season 1 Episode 14
A Rude, A Prude, and an Unsolved Mystery
Unsolved Mysteries Episode Seven: Haunted General Wayne Inn / Murder of Gretchen Burford / Abduction of Annie Laurie Hearin
Show Notes

This is a long one folks! We're discussing three different stories this week to finish up our coverage of episode seven of "Unsolved Mysteries." Featured in this episode are the ghostly occurrences at the General Wayne Inn, the tragic murder of Gretchen Burford, and the abduction of Mississippi aristocrat Annie Laurie Hearin. 

Additional Notes: 
00:00 - 3:00 - Introduction 
4:58 - Introduction to General Wayne Inn 
5:58 - Background on the General Wayne Inn (Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Edgar Allen Poe) 
7:57 - General Manager Bart Johnson 
14:10 - The ghosts at the bar 
16:00 - Dave Rogers gets pranked by a ghost 
18:12 - Alice sees a ghostly figure on the stairs 
19:31 - Election of 1848 - First sighting of the revolutionary soldier 
22:00 - Paula Rogers, a psychic, confirms the sighting of the soldier 
24:16 - Bart explains the spinning television picture 
29:37 - Michalene's,  a parapsychologist, results 
30:15 - Bart doesn't believe in ghosts 
31:45 - Gretchen Burford preview 
34:00 - Gretchen's background 
35:55 - Gretchen stops at an ATM on a Friday night 
37:00 - Men playing blame the victim 
45:30 - Speculation about what happened with Gretchen and the kidnapper in the car 
47:34 - Gretchen and the kidnapper struggle at the ATM drive through 
50:18 - A Witness helps Gretchen during her final moments 
52:20 - They find a distinctive paisley hat while processing the vehicle 
53:32 - Marlene, Gretchen's daughter, discusses the irony of the attack 
54:55 - The investigation says the hat is the key to all the answers 
55:00 - Tyrone Hammel is charged with Gretchen's murder and pleads guilty 
59:07 - Annie Laurie Hearin preview 
59:50 - Background on Annie and Robert Hearin Sr. 
1:02:15 - Robert Hearin Sr's personal plea during a press conference 
1:08:20 - The day of the kidnapping / finding the ransom note 
1:10:43 - What the kidnapper wanted 
1:12:12 - There were cars in the neighborhood that were out of place 
1:15:08 - Robert Hearin Jr speaks 
1:16:50 - No specific ransom demands 
1:19:22 - Robert Hearin Sr sends out a million dollars in checks to the 12 people affected by his business dealings 
1:21:46 - Update! Newton Alfred Winn is arrested but Annie Laurie is never found 
1:32:19 - 1:35:37 - Shout outs! 
1:35:50 - End - Outtake! 

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Anything said about teaching in this podcast is purely satirical and is not based on any real person or event. 

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