A Rude, A Prude, and an Unsolved Mystery

Unsolved Mysteries Episode Eight: "Disappearance" of Christi Nichols / Mark Adams Escape from San Quentin

April 09, 2022 Season 1 Episode 15
A Rude, A Prude, and an Unsolved Mystery
Unsolved Mysteries Episode Eight: "Disappearance" of Christi Nichols / Mark Adams Escape from San Quentin
Show Notes

Sorry for the delay in posting it turns out the flu makes you not want to edit a podcast. This week Easter and Brown discuss the disappearance of Christi Nichols, wherein Mark Nichols was the lone person of interest. They also review Mark Adams and his escape from San Quentin prison. Easter apologizes for her voice in this one and Brown is just here to drag Mark Nichols through the mud. Enjoy! 

Additional Notes: 
00:00 - 4:19 - Introduction 
4:19 -  Christi Nichols Unsolved Mysteries Preview 
7:25 - Christi marrying Mark Nichols 
8:13 - Christi's mom, Connie, talks about her daughter 
13:15 - Mark talks about the town's gossip 
16:57 - Law enforcement believes this is a case of foul play 
19:50 - Mark recounts the only fight EVER between him and Christi 
22:02 - Doctor Carol discusses Christi's trip to the ER 
23:23 - Debbie Fredrickson, Christi's cousin, talks about the abuse Christi suffered 
28:20 - Christi meets with a divorce lawyer 
30:07 - Christi, Mark, and their children went Christmas shopping December 10th 
33:17 - The Nichols' babysitter recounts how strange the night was 
35:40 - Christi's grandmother talks about Mark leaving the children with her 
38:00 - Mark drives around town looking for Christi 
40:44 - Mark moves out the day after Christi is considered missing 
43:19 - A final plea from Christi's family 
47:20 - Mark Adams Unsolved Mysteries preview 
49:42 - Robbery reenactment 
50:39 - Mark Adams was accused of being the triggerman 
52:43 - San Quentin description 
57:47 - Why San Quentin was different from other prisons 
59:31 - June 10th 1986, Mark's escape 
1:03:52 - 2 years since Mark escaped 
1:04:19 - Mark Adams Update 
1:07:47 - Next Weeks episode 
1:10:31 - Outtakes 
1:12:04 - National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233) 

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