A Rude, A Prude, and an Unsolved Mystery

Unsolved Mysteries Episode Eight: Steven Cox Investment Fraud / Murder of Barbara Jean Horn

April 15, 2022 Season 1 Episode 16
A Rude, A Prude, and an Unsolved Mystery
Unsolved Mysteries Episode Eight: Steven Cox Investment Fraud / Murder of Barbara Jean Horn
Show Notes

This week the Rude and the Prude discuss the Steven Cox investment fraud that led hundreds of investors penniless and Steven Cox and Eugene Richmond on the run. We'll also try our best to talk about the murder of 4-year-old Barbara Jean Horn. Easter tries her best to mitigate the "cox" jokes and Brown is ready to park multiple sports utility vehicles on Steven Cox's forehead. Strap in for this one; it's a doozy. 

Additional Notes: 
00:00 - 00:05 - Pre-Roll 
00:06 - 02:17 - Introduction 
02:17 - Introducing Lorraine Rondeau and Michelle Whitt 
08:17 - Unsuspecting victims invested 3.5 million dollars 
09:46 - How Steven Cox tricked people into investing with him 
10:26 - The investors just received an IOU 
11:32 - SD Cox investments started in 1982 
12:20 - Eugene Richmond had always been impressed with Steven Cox 
13:28 - Eugene trusted Steven completely 
14:45 - Michelle Whitt invests with SD Cox Investments hoping it will help cover her medical expenses 
17:13 - Eugene pitched to Lorraine but never explained the full scope (if the business goes under you lose all your money) 
18:24 - Lorraine says Eugene is a liar 
20:33 - The "Rich Guy" facade works 
22:03 - Eugene did not think Steven was a good business man 
24:44 - Eugene takes Lorraine's last $5,000 
27:42 - Eugene leaves with Steven and his family 
32:41 - Steven had become involved with a mysterious investor who took out a life insurance policy on Steven 
35:05 - The police know who the mysterious investor is 
35:25 - Lorraine wants Steven to own up to what he did and make it right 
36:49 - Eugene says Steven is the one in prison (because he constantly has to be on alert) 
39:42 - Steven is arrested 
50:51 - Barbara Jean Horn introduction 
52:26 - Barbara Jean was the daughter of Sharon and John Fahy 
54:16 - Barbara Jean's murder 
56:37 - Description of the murderer 
58:08 - Walter Ogrod, a neighbor, was originally convicted of the murder but was exonerated after 28 years in prison. 

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Anything said about teaching in this podcast is purely satirical and is not based on any real person or event. 

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