A Rude, A Prude, and an Unsolved Mystery

Unsolved Mysteries Episode Nine: Unexplained Death of Kurt Sova / John Nellis' Search for His Family

April 22, 2022 Season 1 Episode 17
A Rude, A Prude, and an Unsolved Mystery
Unsolved Mysteries Episode Nine: Unexplained Death of Kurt Sova / John Nellis' Search for His Family
Show Notes

Brown and Easter cover the mysterious and unexplained death of healthy 17-year-old Kurt Sova, as well as the forced separation of John Nellis from his young son and American father. This is now and forever a Dorothy Sova appreciation podcast, because she was basically the lead detective on her own son's case. Brown might shed a tear or two over John's story, and Easter is not in a dumpster; she's just late. 

Additional Notes: 
00:00 - 2:45 - Shop Talk (Brown got a root canal) 
2:45 - 3:50 - Introduction 
4:27 - Kurt Sova preview 
5:23 - Three young boys find the body of Kurt Sova (Stand by Me vibes) 
9:09 - Dorothy Sova, Kurt's mother, wants answers 
16:38 - It was out of the ordinary for Kurt to be late or to be gone all night without checking in. 
19:05 - Dorothy visits the duplex where the party took place. 
21:57 - The family searched ravines, school yards, and even dumpsters. The Sova's are clearly related to The Rude Brown (TM) 
26:17 - Susan finally tells Dorothy the truth about the party. He was there and was very drunk because his slight build could not handle all that liquor. (Once again looking at you, Brown) 
28:02 - Dorothy was shocked to hear Kurt was drinking, but knows he probably was if everyone else was. (Peer pressure is the worst)
33:05 - They find Kurt's body in a ravine. 
35:12 - Lestor Adelson, the coroner for Kurt's case, says this is a case of elimination. 
42:18 - Kurt was missing for five days before his body was found, and those five days were filled with strange events. 
45:20 - A man outside the record store tells the manager of the record store that she might as well take down the missing poster because they were going to find Kurt dead in two days. 
49:00 - Dorothy gets a phone call from Susan at 3 A.M. telling her that someone is sleeping in Susan's basement and it might be Kurt... 
53:33 - Three months after Kurt's death, Eugene Kvet is found dead under similar circumstances. 
1:02:00 - Dorothy will never be at peace. 
1:03:27 - John Nellis preview 
1:11:05 - John's father, Melvin Nellis, left the family when John was five. John never heard from him again. 
1:11:44 - The reasons why John couldn't leave with his father. 
1:13:33 - John's mom made many sacrificies for John. 
1:16:20 - John's personal life changes. 
1:17:37 - John was both happy and sad about losing his young son; sad because he missed him, but happy because he thought Daniel would lead a better life. 
1:18:23 - John says goodbye to Vietnam 
1:20:18 - John's current life and his message to Melvin and Daniel Nellis. 
1:22:18 - John wants to give Daniel a better future and make up for everything Daniel has lost. 
1:22:30 - Wrapping up Nellis' story 
1:26:36 - 1:27:37 - Brown and Easter discuss the next episode. 
1:28:04 - 1:29:20 - Social Media plugs and begging for reviews and followers 
1:29:45 - END - Outtakes (More Dentist Talk) 

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Anything said about teaching in this podcast is purely satirical and is not based on any real person or event. 

A Rude, A Prude, and an Unsolved Mystery is for people 18 years and older. *Listener* discretion is advised.