A Rude, A Prude, and an Unsolved Mystery

Unsolved Mysteries Episode Nine: The Murders of Fr. Reynaldo Rivera and Fr. John Kerrigan / The Lucky Rock

April 29, 2022 Season 1 Episode 18
A Rude, A Prude, and an Unsolved Mystery
Unsolved Mysteries Episode Nine: The Murders of Fr. Reynaldo Rivera and Fr. John Kerrigan / The Lucky Rock
Show Notes

This week the Rude and the Prude dive into Catholicism and the unsolved murders of Fr. Reynaldo Rivera and Fr. John Kerrigan. They'll also discuss, much to Brown's dismay, Steve and Patty Johnson's encounter with a strange rock that they believed turned their luck around. Easter wants to know Fr. Rivera's strength training plan and Brown, a lover of all rocks... is ready to never talk about the mysterious boulder in Washington again. 

Additional Notes:
00:00 - 3:20: Introduction (The Palm Oil crisis) 
3:30: Thank you for 3,000 downloads!!! 
4:29 - Fr. Reynaldo & Fr. Kerrigan preview 
5:39 - Priests can sometimes be put into dangerous situations because of their willingness to help 
7:15 - A priest serial killer may be on the loose 
9:30 - August 17th, the rectory receives a call 
15:04 - Fr. Rivera's body is found 
15:49 - Everyone loved Fr. Rivera 
18:33 - Police speculate on what could have happened 
20:36 - New Mexico has several places to hide a body 
24:04 - Fr. Rivera's car was found wiped clean 
26:18 - Robbery was not the motive 
30:07 - August 8th, Fr. Kerrigan leaves a bakery and is never seen again 
32:52 - Fr. Kerrigan's bloody clothes are found 
34:12 - A bloody coat hanger is found at the scene 
37:20 - Fr. Kerrigan's car is found covered in blood 
40:49 - There are similarities in the two cases 
47:22 - Lucky rock preview 
48:13 - This story is part Huckleberry Finn and part fairytale 
51:43 - The two boys talking about the rock 
53:45 - Steve Johnson falls in love with the rock 
56:44 - Pattie Johnson also falls in love with the rock 
58:33 - The Johnson's were struggling financially
59:58 - May 16th, 48 hours after finding the rock, the Johnson's luck begins to change 
1:05:18 - The Johnson's run three very successful businesses 
1:08:27 - An archaeologist  examines the rock and determines it's not that special 
1:11:15 - There's always a line between a coincidence and an Unsolved Mystery 
1:14:23 - 1:17:50 - Begging for subscribers and reviews with Brown's bath water 
1:18:03 - End - Outtakes 

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Anything said about teaching in this podcast is purely satirical and is not based on any real person or event. 

A Rude, A Prude, and an Unsolved Mystery is for people 18 years and older. *Listener* discretion is advised.